Althea Schottman

Althea Schottman, M.A., LPC

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I received my Master's Degree in Counseling from Marymount University in 1999. My internship work was in the field of Substance Abuse, and my subsequent work toward licensure covered, in addition to Substance Abuse, a wide range of problems and issues. I am licensed in the State of Virginia and have National Certification.

I came to counseling as an adult. While my children were growing up I took a class in parenting. It was wonderful and supportive, and gave an important direction to my life. Seeing the need felt by so many people for support during this time in their life, I took the training to lead the class. My husband and I worked together, and taught parenting for the next seven years. This was satisfying, and I wanted to be able to reach people more effectively. So, when my youngest child started college, I went back to school for my degree.

I am passionate about the value of marriage, not only for the individuals, but as a secure base for raising children, for fostering and handing our cultural traditions, and for the good of the community. As a veteran of 32 years of marriage to the same person, I have experienced first hand the struggles as well as the joys of married life.

It is my mission to help you through the struggles, and bring the joy to you.

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