Althea Schottman

Counseling - A Cooperative Process

Faithful Friend

Counseling is an active process, and gives one a powerful way to grow.

In order for counseling to be effective, and to make more rapid progress, we need to work together--to form a team. My part is to help you set goals, to give guidance, and to teach skills.

I coach, encourage, and sometimes act as cheerleader. I will suggest fresh approaches to problems, and ways to break old cycles that don't seem to resolve. I will ask you to try ideas out at home, and sometimes give thinking or writing assignments. My goal is to help you move from, "nothing works," to "I can make this happen!"

Each week I will give you a prep sheet to help you chart your progress as well as to see where challenges still lie. We will use this to give focus to teach session so that you can get the greatest benefit. I am committed to your success.

Working together, we can form a winning team.

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