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Fairfax, Virginia Area Counseling Services Tailored to Your Needs

Individual or Couple Counseling

Sessions can be once a week or more often.  As counseling progresses, sessions can taper off to every two weeks to once a month.  After completion of counseling, many couples come in for a six-month, or yearly check-up.

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Couple Counseling:

Counseling for couples can be scheduled on a weekly basis or more often as needed.  Couple counseling typically is more intensive and of shorter duration than individual counseling.  After initial counseling is complete, many couples chose to return for a refresher session at six months or a year.

Individual Counseling:

Individual counseling is available, and helpful for dealing with relationship issues, dating or other problems in living.

Coaching for Effective Co-Parenting:

When parents divorce each other, they do not divorce their children. Coaching for effective co-parenting helps parents to establish a workable parenting relationship after divorce.

Classes for Couples:

Marriage Links:

Falling in love is easy--staying in love is an art. Marriage Links is a five-session class which gives couples the tools to be resilient and keep love alive during the many changes that occur in married life.

The Power of Two:

Poorly handled conflict lies at the core of emotional distress. This class, which can be in two, six-week sessions, teaches communication skills for resolving conflict through creative cooperation. Participants can chose to attend one or both sessions.

Classes for Singles:

How To Avoid Marrying a Jerk:

How do you pick a good marriage partner? This five-session course is suitable for both men and women. It gives participants a practical guide to answer that question. The class is interactive and enjoyable, and a great resource for finding that special, "best friend for life."

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